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Model Kailyn Caught Fooling Around With Herself In Video 20!

By , 02/07/2012

MK20 – caught doing the naughty! splish splash 😉

Who needs their Model Kailyn fix? We all do!!! In MK20 the hot Ms Kailyn rubs her curvy nude body with oil, takes a sexy bath, then decides to “play around” when the photographer’s not looking … but he is!! And it’s all caught on video! Super hot and sexy to the max ya’ll. 😉


Have plenty of fluids handy – you gonna need em!

NEW Model Kailyn Video MK24 Goes Bzzzzz!

By , 09/17/2011

MK24 – bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Lil purple thing that goes "bzzzzzz!"

Oh my God! Model Kailyn brings her purple lil friend with her in her new DVD video MK24! How much more sexy can she get! I can not take it anymore and need a Ambulance! One thing if for sure, Model Kailyn loves to tease and please her fans and this video will be sure to snap zombies out of their trace (or snap you into one!)

Order MK24

Guys, this is a MUST have. Don’t debate, just get it… I know you will LOVE it and wear it out!

Model Kailyn Sexy Tease Videos!

By , 07/31/2011

From the HOT ass MK16!

Looking to see Model Kailyn “close up” and personal?  Then you will love MK16!  She models the very popular blue silk pajamas again and this time she gets real naughty cause she legally can!  Then the sexy Kailyn moves on to kitchen detail and drops things on purpose so she has to bend over and pick em up!

Oops, no panties!  Then she has a few more hot sets and ends with a long hot bathtub scene that promises to please any tease videos worshiper!

Click Here to see more vidcaps from MK16!

* Warning:  Hot stuff ahead!

Model Kailyn Delivers a Heart Attack!

By , 07/02/2011

Vidcap from MK23 video!

( click the photo to see what comes next! )

Oh my! Words can NOT describe what Kailyn is going to do next on her latest video, MK23! I can give you a hint, in the screencap above she steals the camera away from her photographer and does a “private show” for the fans!! Nothing goes untouched when Kaiyln does tease videos… doh!

You need to click this link to see more!!

(Don’t regret not buying this one… ;))

Model Kailyn Tease Videos!

By , 05/18/2011

Caps from: Model Kailyn Video 22

* click the thumbnails! *

You want daring and tease all wrapped up into one?  Then you need to check out the curvy Kailyn!  She has been modeling for quite some time and just LOVES to tease her audience while at the same time delivering the goods!  Ms Kailyn has the best ass in the business!  …om nom nom nom good!

These tease videos screenshots are just the beginning! Wait until you see Kailyn bust out he hot oil!!! Click Here to visit the Model Kailyn store for all her videos!

Sexy Videos Featuring Real Sisters Haley and Kailyn

By , 05/03/2011

Screencap from MK08

Hot, eye popping, and jaw dropping! That is what you get from the “Race Team” photo & video set featuring the hot sexy girls and real life sisters Haley and Kailyn! This is the ONLY work they have done together after Haley turned 18 years old, but fans are craving for more! Ms Haley had a few oops moments that are not to be missed!  😀

Visit: to see the HOT photo set!!

* Make sure you buy this sexy video before its gone for good. (Click Here)

Welcome to Sexy Tease Videos Dot Net

By , 04/25/2011

Well hello there… so glad you you decided to check us out! You are in for a treat, these hot models really know how to get your blood flowing with their super sexy tease videos!

As you can see from the special samples that this is just a sweet taste of “tease”, soooo much more to come!

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