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Remastered!! HM019 DVD now HD Video clip!

By , 12/18/2016


Recently updated in the Video Store is HM019 – 720p Feature Video!

**This video is a 720p REMASTERED version of HM019DVD which is 480p resolution. It’s the same video as the DVD, but in HD 720p format.**

Check it out here:

Blonde Chasity Valentine!

By , 06/30/2015


Elegant blonde Chasity Valentine wearing a black flower print outfit with stockings. Have you seen this update yet!? This sassy model loves to flirt and tease. Just come see for yourself! Chasity is a knockout and will leave you breathless!

Take ChasityValentine’s website TOUR!

Cute & Sexy Tease Show From Adorable Haley-Model!

By , 02/21/2013


There’s nothing better in Sexy Tease Videos than a flimsy black sheer top with no buttons!  Watch our adorable Haley-Model work the button-less top to perfection, teasing you with her amazing globes of beauty and sweet sensuous smile!  Seriously, seeing the top fly open is a sight to see, but it doesn’t end there.  The tiny top, g-string and shoes all disappear!  Beautiful magic from a master of adult glamour modeling!

Check out Haley’s website TOUR!

Chasity Valentine Stunning in Sexy Black Dress!

By , 11/13/2012


A sexy LOW cut black dress is universally known as one of the sexiest things a woman can wear.  Put one on ChasityValentine and you’ve got something that can only be measured on the kelvin scale of hotness!  Add to the fact that in this members area HD video the little black dress ends up on the ground, well then, you’ve got to make sure that you have either heart pills or a defib close by while viewing.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Take Chasity’s website TOUR!

New SEXY Sun-Coast-Models DVDs!

By , 11/05/2012


SCM03 – Katiebug vidcaps here!

SCM04 – Deanna vidcaps here!

Sexy Tease Videos is the name of this blog and you can NOT give a better definition for these two DVDs than that!  Two Queens Of Tease, Katie and Deanna, now, on two different DVDs are a part of the Sun-Coast-Models video collection!  Two beautiful models!  Katie is shy, soft and sensual…  Deanna is bold, active and sexy!  Take your pick or take them BOTH!

Limited time offer:  Buy both these DVDs now and get SCM01 and SCM02 for FREE!  Just make notation in special instructions box on order form!

Go to the SCM Store now!!

Sweet Tease Katie Bug Melts the Lens!

By , 11/10/2011

Katie Bug Modeling Video 5

Watch the super sweet Katie Bug model 10 sexy outfits, one with special guest model Jocelyn! A very naked & naughty Katie! One hour’s worth of hot sexy Katie Bug!!

Order SKB05 HERE

* You don’t wanna miss this! Get your copy before they are all gone!!

A Sexy Model Gabe Video YOU MUST Own!

By , 10/31/2011

Preview from MG02 (aka – GTM9)

Oh My! Gabe in Gold!!

Wanna see Model Gabe squirm around in that tiny gold slingshot bikini?? She tries hard to keep it in place but doesn’t always succeed! 😀

Click Here to Order

* It gets even better! Just check out the preview page at the Model Gabe video store!!

Model Gabe Teases Without Mercy!

By , 07/31/2011

From the infamous MG05!

Gabrielle! Many have waited and many have cried and begged to see Model Gabe do what she does in this video, MG05. The wait is over… Gabe gets naughty and loves every minute of it! The clothes shed faster than Mario Andretti can drive and for some reason Gabe feels the need to bend over and stretch those hot sexy legs too!!  Teaser: Gabe’s got a bald head vagina!

Click Here to buy Model Gabe’s latest DVD video!

* Only a limited amount of copies were made, once they are gone – it’s over! Act fast, buy it now!

Sweet Katie Bug and her Naughty Friends!

By , 07/31/2011

A very naughty Sweet Katie Bug from SKB07

The Bug is back and this time she brought along a few sexy friends! A few naughty friends I should say… Welcome Katie, Jocelyn, Tabitha and Sarah to the stage! Katie has great taste in friends eh? The curves and hot bodies are a lot to handle!!  Seems some of her friends refuse to wear any undergarments (including Katie herself, look close!!) 😀

Click Here for Video

* A must for any tease videos collection!

Haley Model Goes Skinny Dipping!

By , 07/27/2011

Screencap from HM-32!

The princess of tease videos in back with the sensational HM-32! The increasingly daring Haley is being very naughty in her latest video! How naughty does she get?? Well, you gotta go buy the DVD and find out! As with all Haley Model videos you will not be disappointed. But I will say this, there are things in this video that you have NEVER seen before!

Buy HM32 now: Visit the Haley-Model store! (look for it at the bottom of page ;))

* Limited copies are available, the WILL run out fast! So hurry…

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